How to do Massage Step by Step

Massage Instruction
This head massage will reduce the tension in your muscles and simultaneously improve your skin and hair quality. You will instantly feel relaxed in just 10 minutes. The massage action increases blood flow which nourishes hair follicles and relieves you from headaches.

How to do Step by Step Massage

    1. Sit upright in a chair – keep a straight back on the chair back rest.
    2. Place both feet flat on the floor.
    3. Take a few deep breaths and imagine sitting on a beach with the warm breeze on your face. Then concentrate on relaxing each individual muscle in your body.
    4. Warm essential oil of your choice, in the palms of your hand. Gently rub the oil in the crown of your head.
    5. Rub some more oil with your fingertips and palms into your hair. Massage starting from the sides and back of the head and move up towards the crown.
    6. Then press down on your scalp in downward and forward strokes with fingertips. This rhythmic movement creates friction which generates heat. Work your way through your whole head, come up from the sides and back. This loosens scalp muscles to create a soothing and relaxing effect.

  1. Then, with the heels of your hands on your temples, keep one hand still and move the other hand up and down vigorously on the same spot. This action is great to increase blood circulation in the scalp area.
  2. Repeat this step with the other hand as well. Then do the same movements at the front of the head and back of the head.
  3. Glide fingertips through the hair at the sides of the head. Simultaneously, close your fingers with a gently pulling movement. Move hands from side to side.
  4. Gently rub the area above the ears at the front with circular movements to remove tension in the temples.
  5. Put hands on the temples with fingers pointed upwards. Squeeze repeatedly for 5 seconds and release. Repeat this and at the same time squeeze the area above the ears.
  6. Massage the muscles on either side of the neck at the bottom of the skull. This is done with fingertips by rubbing them quickly in upward and downward movements. Next, tilt head backwards and rest it on the thumbs for 15 seconds.
  7. Lastly, relax your neck muscles by squeezing them gently. Pull them in a circular movement and move downwards across to the shoulder tips. The right hand should be used to massage the right side of the neck. The left hand should be used to massage the left side. This loosens up tight muscles in shoulder and neck region.

You can choose essential oils and let their fragrance relax your stiff muscles. Choose oils for the massage based on your hair type.
Oils for dry hair: Massage with sesame oil, olive oil or cold pressed sunflower oil to nourish.
Oils for oily hair: Massage with almond oil or sesame oil.
Oil to treat dandruff: Hair growth can be stimulated using sandalwood or rosemary. Tea tree oil (few drops) can used to treat dandruff.

Tips Before Massage

  • Before you begin your massage session, wear loose fitting comfortable clothing and find a quiet place which relaxes you.
  • All massage therapists recommend drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water within 24 hours of the massage treatment. This helps to flush out toxins and improve immunity.
  • For effective massage results, relax after the massage treatment session.
  • In case of recent head or neck injury, avoid taking the massage therapy.
  • Remember to use firm but gentle movements especially when using fingertips through hair for an effective head massage.
  • This massage technique can be used even without oil. It is an excellent way to destress in office environment, improve concentration and work output.
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