Make Your Massage Oil

Mix Your Own Oil

It’s so exciting and really easy to mix your very own massage oils. As we already know, essential oils cannot be used directly on the skin. Aromatherapy massage oils are prepared when essential oils are blended with vegetable oils (base oils) before they can be used for oil massages. These are some vegetable oils which are your base oils that can be used – Almond, Grapeseed, Jojoba, Safflower, Sunflower, Coconut, Apricot Kernel.

Please note that jojoba oil is a hot favorite as it remains in the liquid form of wax and does not go rancid.

  • Pour 1/8 cup of any of the above vegetable oils into a clean, sterilized jar.
  • Add a few drops of essential oils (about 5-7 is good enough) one at a time with an eye dropper. Eye droppers usually come with the essential oil bottles. Do not use synthetic oils as far as possible, for best massage results.
  • Close the lid tightly on the jar. Swirl the oil mixture in a clockwise direction. Do not stir.
  • Label the jar and keep aside for future use or as required.
  • Store the jar and your oils away from heat, light, moisture and air. You are advised to blend small amounts of oils and essences as base oils get oxidized quickly and smell rancid. Wheat germ oil (1 teaspoon) when mixed with an oil, acts as an antioxidant.

Massaging with Oils

Massage is the most effective and common form of treatment used by aromatherapists and masseurs. The combined benefits of touch and the therapeutic properties of the oil improve blood circulation and release energy trapped from strained muscles. The aromatic fragrance further invigorates and gives a feeling of wellness.

Research has shown that oils are quickly absorbed when applied on the skin. Heat enhances oil absorption into the skin, so a warm room and warm hands used to massage are essential in an aromatherapy massage.

Oils used in massage should be diluted or hot according to the health problem you want to treat. For a relaxing massage, a few drops of your chosen oil provide lubrication to facilitate the strokes. Stick to the recommended dilution based on the health ailment you want to treat. Oils are used to treat small troublesome areas. Use fingertips to massage gently. If the skin is broken, carefully dab the oil using cotton wool.

These essential oil blends are desired for a facial massage, that is, an aromatherapy massage for your hands and face.
Chamomile, Orange, Rose, Lavender, Peppermint

How to Make Your Choice of Essential Oil Blends

To make your massage oil, take some sweet almond oil and fill some 10 ml bottles. The bottles should come with a dropper dispenser for accurate measurements. The bottle color should be blue glass or amber colored glass so that the oil contents are protected from sunlight. This prevents the oil from going rancid and helps to preserve the oil. You can get these bottles easily from any pharmacy at a cheap price.

Use the 10 ml of carrier oil, for e.g. sweet almond oil with 5 drops of essential oil or a blend of up to 5 drops of different essential oils. (Note: maximum 2 drops of peppermint essential oil are advised)

Your natural aromatherapy massage oil is ready for you to begin your massage therapy.

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