Bad Body Odor Remedies

Bad body odor is strong foul smelly odor from rapidly growing bacteria in the presence of sweat. Sweat is odorless but gives a bad smell when bacteria are present. The malodor usually emanates from the skin in general, armpits, hair, feet, groin, belly button, genitals and so on. Other names for bad odor are bromhidrosis, bromidrosis, osmidrosis, ozochrotia, fetid sweat and malodorous sweating.

Body odors may not always be perceived as unpleasant and are specific to each person. A classic example is, odour smells are used often by the police force to track down criminals with the help of dogs.

Body Odor Causes

Causes of body odor can range from poor hygiene, stale sweat, body fluids discharged from vagina or penis, puberty related changes, normal aging process, strenuous exercise, emotional and psychological problems, high stress situations, bad breath from dental cavities, certain foods such eating raw onions and garlic, excessive caffeine, alcohol and smoking.

Changes in body odor may be a cause for concern as it can denote an underlying medical problem. Certain health conditions can cause body odor like athlete’s foot can cause foot odor. Medical conditions like uncontrolled diabetes (ketoacidosis), gastrointestinal problems, urinary tract infections, scurvy (vitamin C deficiency), zinc deficiency, typhoid fever, or a rare metabolic disorder called fish odor syndrome are some likely causes for bad body odor.

Oftentimes, insufficient water intake can also be a reason for foul smelling body odor.

Body Odor Symptoms

Likely symptoms of body odor are heavy sweating, anxiety and nervous behavior.

Body Odor Home Remedies

The most sensible thing to do to prevent body odor is to wash sweaty odor producing areas often. This reduces the bacteria on the surface of the skin. If any health problem or drug side effect is responsible for the body odor, discuss the same with your doctor.

  1. Drink plenty of water as it helps to flush out the body toxins.
  2. Keep skin dry by applying powder in the armpits, back and thigh regions which are likely to sweat the most.
  3. Change undergarments daily, even twice if necessary. Clean underclothing prevents bacteria formation and sweat accumulation. Cotton under clothes are airy and comfortable.
  4. Use antibacterial soaps and deodorants on sweaty regions.
  5. Use alum instead of antiperspirants. Frequent use of antiperspirants can clog sweat glands.
  6. Apply baking soda on armpits as it absorbs sweat and destroys the malodorous bacteria.
  7. Underarm odor can be controlled if you wipe armpits with white vinegar or apple cider vinegar.
  8. Wax underarms often and keep the area clean.
  9. For those with sweaty feet, proper foot care is essential. Wear cotton socks and change them often. Wash feet often and try to wear open sandals rather than keeping feet closed in sneakers and closed shoes.
  10. Pour a few cups of tomato juice in your bath water and soak in it for at least 15 minutes.

Diet for Body Odor: Food intake and body odor are directly related. Eat a healthy diet with whole grains, leafy greens, sprouts, soy, nuts, fresh fruits and such wholesome high fiber foods. Avoid white flours, sugary foods, fried and processed foods, red meat, low fiber foods, alcohol, garlic, raw onions, cola drinks, caffeine.

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