Home Remedies for Bad Eyesight

Bad eyesight refers to defective vision or the inability to see properly. Defective vision is not curable, though the severity can be reduced. Short sightedness or myopia and long sightedness or Hyperopia are the two categories of bad eyesight. Hyperopia refer to the poor clarity of things in the vicinity, whereas short sightedness is poor vision of far away objects.

Causes of Bad eyesight

Bad eyesight is a result of internal or physiological factors and external factors. Internal factors are improper blood circulation and nerve supply, whereas external factors are excessive reading, mental strain, continuous working on the computer, excessive watching of television, reading in dim light, improper eating habits and reading in moving vehicles.

Symptoms of Bad eyesight

Bad eyesight was a part of old age, though lately it is common in everybody. Poor dietary regimen and lifestyle result in bad eyesight symptoms, in children. Watering of eyes, mild headache, blurred vision, heaviness, black spots, redness, nystagmus and itching in the eyes are the typical bad eyesight symptoms.

Home Remedies for Bad eyesight

A number of home remedies help in improving eyesight mainly the clarity of vision.

  • Bad Eyesight Treatment with Carrot juice: High intake of carrot juice has a positive correlation with better vision.
  • Bad Eyesight Treatment with Vitamin A Foods: Increase the intake of foods rich in Vitamin A. Milk cream, spinach, soy beans, lettuce, orange, turnip tops, butter, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, green peas and cabbage.
  • Bad Eyesight Treatment with Triphala: Add thirty grams of triphala to half a liter of water. Drink this mixture on a daily basis to improve the vision. This solution is also used as an eye wash.
  • Bad Eyesight Treatment with Vegetable Juice: Mix 75 ml each of parsley juice and endives juice with 200 ml of carrot juice and 150 ml of celery juice. This makes half liter of veggie juice. To this, add half a liter of chicory juice. Consumption of this juice helps with better vision.
  • Bad Eyesight Treatment with Licorice Root: To a glass of warm milk, add one fourth part of ghee and half teaspoon each of honey and licorice root powder. Drink this liquid.

Treatment for Bad Eyesight

Treatment of bad eyesight for better vision is done by diet, natural techniques and magnetic therapy. Magnetic therapy deals with the application of magnets to the hand and eyes. Splashing of cold water and palming techniques are equally beneficial against bad eyesight. Fresh veggies and fruits, with uncooked and natural foods prove beneficial.

Tips for Bad Eyesight Improvement

Eat a balanced diet, rich in dairy products, whole grain, fruits and vegetables. Avoid excessive exposure to computer or television. If you have to work on the computer for long hours, make sure you blink your eyes hard every 10 mins by closing your eyes tightly for 2-3 seconds. Yoga exercises in the form of tratakas are highly beneficial. Tratakas are eye exercises which are beneficial for eyes – by strengthening the eye muscles and increasing focus. You cannot reduce your eye number but you can surely stop it from increasing further. Eye exercises are an important part of vision and eye care.

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