Cold Sore Remedies

Cold sore is a viral infection, which affects the mouth. It is also referred to as fever blisters.

Cold Sores Symptoms

Herpes is an infectious disease, which results in symptoms such as open sores, red bumps or blisters, itching and pain. They are generally seen around the mouth.

Blisters follow a tingling sensation, in conjunction with pain. This sensation, which precedes the blisters, is referred to as prodrome. Initial signs spurt after 20 days of incubation period. The infection lasts for duration of a week. The blisters break and result in the drainage of the liquid. This results in a crust, which wears off, leaving a scar behind.

Cold Sores Causes

The causative organism is herpes simplex virus. Oral herpes causes cold sores in the mouth, whereas genital herpes results in sores, below the waist region. It is a commonly seen to occur diseases, through sexual intercourse. Oral sex is the main culprit for Cold sores. Genital herpes is not transmitted through towels or toilets. The virus ceases, right after, exit from the body.

Treatment for Cold Sores

Topical application of benzyl alcohol proves beneficial. Anti viral medications are effective in reducing the pain. Cold sores heal gradually, within seven to ten days of onset.

Home Remedies for Cold Sores

Inflammation of the glands and elevation in body temperature are common in cold sores. A few of the home remedies for cold sores are listed below:

  • Cold Sores Treatment with Carrot: Grate a carrot and place it as a poultice over the cold sore.
  • Cold Sores Treatment with Essential Oils: Topical application of equal amounts of eucalyptus oil and bergamot oil, works wonders over the sore!
  • Cold Sores Treatment with Teabag: Dip a teabag in hot water and place it on the cold sore.
  • Cold Sores Treatment with Aloe vera gel: Apply some aloe vera gel, to provide relief form itching, associated with cold sores.
  • Cold Sores Treatment with Cornstarch: Dab cotton with corn starch, over the sores.
  • Cold Sores Treatment with Olive oil: Cook a mixture of bee wax, lavender oil and a cup of olive oil. Allow to cool and place as a poultice, over the cold sore.

Tips for Cold Sores

Certain steps to prevent the onset of an infection are – prevention of triggers, avoidance of skin contact with infected people, usage of sun block and cleanliness and hygiene. Warm compresses or ice packs might prove effective to reduce the pain. Over the counter pain killers are equally helpful. Do not break or pinch the blister. Do not share any items, such as lip balm, utensils and towels, as it increases the risk of infection. Keep your hand clean at all times and maintain personal hygiene.

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