Home Remedies for Diabetes

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes (means to flow through a siphon) and Mellitus (means honeyed). Diabetes Mellitus (DM) refers to blood which is honeyed and has to be siphoned out through the kidney.

Diabetes Mellitus is a chronic metabolic disorder which results in increased blood sugar (blood glucose) levels due to insufficient or ineffective insulin hormone.

What happens in Diabetes?

In normal digestion, food we eat is converted to glucose, a sugar that the body uses for fuel. This blood sugar is carried from the blood stream into the body cells. To aid in use of this fuel, the body produces a hormone called insulin, which helps to move the glucose sugar from the blood stream into the cells. People with diabetes (diabetics) produce either insufficient or ineffective insulin, which means they don’t produce enough insulin or the insulin they produce does not work well enough to get the glucose into the body cells. As a result, the glucose continues to remain in the blood stream and does not get into the cells. The cells remain starved of energy and the blood has high sugar levels.

Signs and Symptoms of diabetes

  • Polyuria (increased urination),
  • polyphagia (increased hunger),
  • polydipsia (increased thirst),
  • pruritis (itching all over the body especially genital area)
  • dehydration,
  • blurred vision,
  • delayed wound healing,
  • tiredness/ lethargy,
  • unexplained weight loss.

Causes of Diabetes

Cause for diabetes varies from genetic, viral, rheumatic heart, obesity leading to syndrome X can trigger diabetes, stress induced which results in disease like pancreatic cancer, pneumonia and so on. Accidents which damage the pancreas can affect insulin secretion and cause diabetes.

Some women develop diabetes during pregnancy called Gestational Diabetes which may or may not get corrected after child birth and delivery.

Diabetes Treatment and Management
Management of diabetes involves controlling diet, regular exercise, oral hypoglycemic drugs and insulin management. Diabetes dietary management is most important to control blood sugar levels.

Diabetic diet: In diabetes meals involve complex carbohydrates, high fiber, low fat and moderate protein foods. Eat food at regular timings and never fast or feast. The idea is to release the blood glucose into the blood stream intermittently so that blood sugar levels are in control. Avoid direct sources of sugar like white sugar, brown sugar, honey, jaggery, jellies, jams. Make sure that every meal contains some source of protein as it gives better blood sugar control. Coffee can aggravate diabetes as caffeine can cause functional hypoglycemia even with just 2 cups of coffee a day. Dibetes can be kept in control but never cured till date. It is important for a diabetic to know about the glycemic index of foods to help them choose the right diabetic foods.

Home Remedies for Diabetes

Fiber For Diabetes
High fiber fruits like apple, pear, orange, papaya are great for diabetics. Soluble fiber present in oats, guar gum, papaya are also great in the diabetic diet.

Apple for Diabetes – Apple contains both soluble fibers (pectins) and insoluble fiber (in apple skin). Eating the fruit contributes fiber which helps keep blood sugar under control. Apple juice for diabetics should not be encouraged as juicing the apple reduces the fiber drastically. Hence eating the fruit is better option than drinking apple juice as a part of a healthy balanced diabetic diet. Drinking a cup of apple juice however is a good option during hypoglycemia when blood sugar levels are very low.

Flaxseeds for Diabetes
Flaxseeds help to keep blood sugar levels in control. Health benefits of flaxseeds are numerous and flax plays a positive role in combating various diseases.

Herbs for Diabetes
Plant extracts and herbal treatments are not unknown when used to treat diabetes. These herbs appear to be most effective, relatively non-toxic and have substantial documentation of efficiency. These herbs are believed to decrease blood glucose levels and possibly lower triglycerides and cholesterol levels.

Bitter Gourd, Fenugreek, Cinnamon, Onion, Cranberries, Blue berries, Asian Ginseng and Gingko Biloba are some herbs used in diabetes treatment.

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