Home Remedies for Cracked Heels

Cracked heel is a problem of the feet, which results in fissures and cracks on the soles of the feet. In some instances, it is deep and highly painful. Increase in the pressure or prolonged standing worsens the condition.

Symptoms of Cracked Heels

Individuals with excessive body weight, atopic dermatitis, dry skin, prolonged standing hours, palmoplantar keratoderma, juvenile plantar dermatosis, diabetes, psoriasis, hypothyroidism and dry skin with calluses and corns are at great risk for cracked heels. Thick, dry and hard skin in the area of the heel are the initial symptoms of cracked heels. Discoloration of the skin area is referred to as a callus. These calluses develop superficial cracks, which deepen in course of time. Increase in the depth of these cracks result in bleeding and immense pain. Infection is also seen in chronic cases, which in turn results in cellulitis.

Causes of Cracked Heels

Common contributing factors for cracks in heels are high arched feet, inactive sweat glands, diabetes, dry skin, thyroid disease, obesity, psoriasis, athletes’ foot, flat feet, surgery of the lower limbs, heel spurs, wearing shoes with an open back and mal-alignment of the metatarsal bones.

Treatment for Cracked Heels

Prevention is better than Cure. Topical application of moisturizing cream proves helpful. Heel balms comprising of water retaining agents like alpha hydroxy acids, urea, saccharide isomerate and salicylic acid prove helpful. Use of pumice stone helps in the elimination of calluses. Debridement is a technique of removal of the hardened skin. Special tissue glue is available, which binds the cracked skin. Strapping involves the use of bandage in the affected area, so as to decrease the movement of the skin. Stronger debridement creams with urea and salicylic acid is of great help.

Home Remedies for Cracked Heels

Curb deep fissures by the use of simple home remedies to deal with your dry cracked feet.

  • Home Remedies with Vegetable Oil: Use warm water to wash the cracked feet. Topical application of vegetable oil, before retiring to bed, proves beneficial.
  • Home Remedies with Lemon juice: Soak the feet in lemon juice. Allow to soak for ten minutes and rinse with warm water.
  • Home Remedies with Glycerin: Topical application of rose water and glycerin is highly effective against dry and cracked heels.
  • Home Remedies with Pumice Stone: Soak the feet in warm water with salt. This helps in the softening of the skin. Use a pumice stone to scrub the area. It helps in the removal of the dead cells. Apply a moisturizing cream, right after this step.
  • Home Remedies with Banana: Wash your feet well. Puree a banana in the blender. Apply this paste over the cracked heel.
  • Home Remedies with Vaseline: Mix some Vaseline with the juice of a lemon. This is useful in curbing cracks in heels.
  • Home Remedies with Paraffin Wax: Melt some paraffin wax and mix with mustard oil. Apply this mixture before bedtime. Wash the feet in the morning.

Tips for Cracked Heels
Do not wear shoes with open backs. Footwear with a good sole in the shoe and sandal prove beneficial. Apply some medicated moisturizing creams, especially those with aloe vera. Use of cotton socks prevent easy drying of the skin. Improper fitting foot wear is not preferred.

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